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Teacher: Noble Calling and Ministry with Impact


I remember a teacher when I was in Elementary School, her patience and care led the students to be able to understand every subject were taught. After 20 years I went back to my home town and visited my school, she was still there teaching. Her students have become medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc, but she stays being a techer – for her, teaching is part of her life, a noble calling. For her, success doesn’t stop at oneself but it is when you see others (students) become somebody as God intended them to be.


teacher of KG in Lampung   Indonesia used to send out teachers to Malaysia but now we only send TKI (Indonesi’a labor). Malaysia even ‘sells’ / market their schools and colleges in Indonesia and it is estimated that thousands of students from Indonesia are now studying in Malaysia. What’s happening with our education? In the past, teachers were placed in honorable social status and many parents were proud if their children become a teacher. At that time, education major were offered in many colleges/universities in cities.

Many new teachers were born. But then we see that it has been decreasing, people say that teachers are ‘heroes with no reward’. There is the positive side but the negative side is saying that to become a teacher it means no bright future, very low salary..

At the same time, the number of teachers being ‘produced’ are overwhelming. Although, many schools in villages / remote places are still lack of teachers but the problem is the imbalance of teachers distribution/placement and lack of dedication.

teacher lampung   LISA N KEMIJAH TEACHER

On the other hand, people have less interest to major in education, thus IKIP (an educational institution specialized in teachers training education) turned into general universities with various education programs other than teachers training. This situation justifies that to become a teacher really needs a clear conscious that it is not just a profession or a job but more of a calling. As God’s Words say, “not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly…Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom..But the wisdom that comes from heaven..” (James 3:1,13,17).

teacher in east borneo sherfina and nelly  

God’s Words reaffirmed that it is not easy to become a teacher, it needs wisdom that comes from heaven, God’s wisdom, different from most people point of view and has to be an example. Students will learn from the teacher’s life. Imagine, teachers and students interact for at least 15-35 hours a week. What kind of example a teacher would show and what would the students absorb?


Recently the government seems more serious in fighting for teachers’ life, and it’s shown by ratifying the Teachers Law, conducting Teachers Certification and efforts in allocating 20% to the education budget. These have encouraged educational institutions that have concern in producing teachers, i.e. IKIP, and be responsible to upgrade teachers’ professionalism. Teachers also feel enthusiastic to continue their study and get their bachelor degree. We are grateful for all th is but we must not give a wrong response. Let not the enthusiasm or spirit to learn only being driven for the sake of material/financial but we have to keep in mind that it is part of God’s calling. If we are certain that to be a teacher is a calling then every teacher has to learn, learn and learn everyday so that they can give the best to their students.

Teacher Gives Impact

A teacher has to be a visionary. A teacher does not just see a student he/she teaches everyday but a teacher has to be able to see the child’s potential and believes that he/she is sharpening a raw jewel. One day – it takes time and process to sharpen – the stone would turn into a precious and valuable jewel.

  eacher at long bawan

The sharpening process needs time; it talks about faith or believe in it, patience and perseverance of a teacher in educating her students. Joseph needed 13 years before he finally became the ruler of Egypt; David had 8-9 years before he then became the king for all Israel. It’s the law of a process, nothing instant can form a student. Being a teacher is actually a ministry that brings impact.

What makes them endure? I see two things in them: they’re aware of what they do is God’s calling and it has impact.



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english version: translated by Johana Pratomo
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