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>> Formal and Informal Education

Children is one PESAT’s priorities in ministering village people. Our concern to their education has motivated us to provide one special ministry to serve children at school age.

PESAT’s education ministry is to reaching children who live in villages, remote and unreached areas. Not only to establish kindergartens and other formal schools (elementary, junior and senior high schools) but PESAT also provides teachers to fill in at schools who already established (usually government owned schools) but no teachers available.

students Krayan High schoolWe realize how important and expensive an education are in this country. Important and expensive, that means to organize a education service is not that simple because the education itself will resulted in a quality of a new generation in the future. Therefore an education is not always about a structure, curriculum and teachers. If it meant to produce a new qualified generation and with a outstanding character, some very important factors must be taken into notice : when the education starts within a person, the system, pattern, style and infrastructure.

The word ‘education’ derives from a latin word ‘educo’ means to raise up, lead, maintain or help to grow, and to bring out. What to bring out is one self and all the potential to learn. Education is a learning process and it’s informal. Education is meant to be like “live to learn” not “learn to live”.

Education then relates with character building, how people are learning to become. If we can plant good values of life, we would then produce a qualified generation with a noble character.


  Informal Education

PESAT provides education for children from pre-school to High School age.
PESAT establish kindergartens in remote villages located in 15 provinces throughout Indonesia, along with playgroup and pre-school.

  Formal Education

PESAT establish elementary schools and send out teachers to elementary schools in remote villages in Indonesia.


establish 3 Junior High in Nabire, Manokwari and Wamena (all in Papua) and sends out teachers to some remote junior high schools.


establish Senior High Schools, each in Nabire and Manokwari all in Papua province.

sekolah suku wana

Unreached people groups who live in the hinterland of Indonesia are also being reached through PESAT’s education program. Knowledge has done a lot in changing their life pattern and become better.

sd baliem terpadu

Kindergarten and Elementary Schools with dormitory are established in Nabire and Wamena (both are in Papua) since 1994. These schools have a vision to become the best and ideal schools in Papua, in educating and empowering children with learning activities and effective guidance both at school and dormitory. The education system is based on a school management, environmentally knowledgeable (socially, culturally and technologically) and oriented to life skill education.

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