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Everybody here only went to elementary school, some didn’t even finish it, they worked in the field, and married young. But now parents and children all want to go to school…


Eighteen years ago the Bina Putera Kindergarten was established in Pronojiwo sub-village. Many things area taught to the young ones, and the villagers’ mindset has changed.

Lisa (40) and Kemijah (36) pioneered this kindergarten and they shared their memories of when they first started the school. “Initially it was at the villagers’ request and we worked together side by side in flattening the slope of the hill to build a ‘garden’ for their children to use to learn and to play.”







  two women taking their home made cow milk to a small milk factory in Pronojiwo Village  


Since then, from this area of vegetable farms, every school year 20-30 children who are bright and full of dreams emerge.

Pronojiwo is inhabited by 200 families (around 1000 people). Lisa and Kemijah know the people because most of the parents used to be their students in kindergarten. They had got married at the age of 14-15 as soon as they graduated from elementary school. They then sent their children to Bina Putera. “We would want our children to continue at school and not stop at elementary level as we did,” said Semiyati (20) a student’s mom.

murid bina siswa   This isn’t only the view of the parents but the children too seem to have the same thought. Their mindset about education has changed a lot. “In the old days, they thought what was the use of getting a higher education if they couldn’t get white collar jobs and had to go back to working on the farm. But now they have realized that the purpose of education is not only for that but to gain wider knowledge and skills,” explained Kemijah.

.The kindergarten has also changed some of the people’s customs. The mothers now dress up in clean clothes early in the morning to take their children to school and then continue in useful activities. Bina Putera Kindergarten has blown the wind of change across Pronojiwo.


Dreams Behind B+ Accreditation

The struggles of these two teachers in developing future generations has not been without results. Many of their former kindergarten students are now in Middle School. Their skills and efforts in producing good quality students have gained the trust of others. Their students have been asked for even before the school year ends.

lisa dan kemijah


They have proven that the few students graduating afrom the Bina Putera Kindergarten would be able to read, write, count and have good character. “We have even received recognition at Regency level and received B+ Accreditation,” explained Lisa, who is the Principal of Bina Putera, proudly. It’s an incredible achievement for a kindergarten that comes from a sub-vilalge on a hillside!

In Lisa and Kemijah hearts lives a hope that this kindergarten will continue to exist so that the children and their dreamas will not end with looking for grass and early marriage.

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