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>> The Journey of Minggus & Nies: _--------------------------------------------- - Father of Education for Simbuang

written by: Toni


They were assumed ‘missing in action’ because we didn’t hear from them for a while. They went too deep into the hinterland of Toraja. Within three years they have established Elementary School and pioneered Middle and High School.
It was in the month of September 2005, Dominggus (Minggus) and Nies walked along the grassy hills and down the streep valleys of Mamasa Regency, Tana Toraja, located in the remote area of South Sulawesi that borders with West Sulawesi.
  dominggus rerung & nies yigibalom

No public transportation passes by the mountainous trek but they both had an adequate supply of food. They walked five days and five nights to reach Simbuang village – a village that produces the well-known Toraja coffee and is the most undeveloped village in Tana Toraja.

They took a rest from time to time and slept on the side of the foot path. This journey to Simbuang is a result of their struggle six months
agp at the last village located on the track to Simbuang.
On the fifth day, in the afternoon, they set foot for the Simbuang village. It was the start of their long journey in serving and blessing the people and developing generation of Simbuang people.


Hills and valley they were passed through to reach the Simbuang ville.


bersama sesepu adat
Nies among the elder of the tribe

Established Elementary School, Become Volunteers
Simbuang is inhabited aby the native people of Toraja Trie who still strongly hold to their ancestors’ belief called Alu Todolo. The Simbuang people earn their living by farming.

When Minggus and Nies first arrived, the children didn’t go to school. They said, “no teachers available.” Minggus and Nies sawa this as God’s way for them to minister to the people. So they established an elementary school and become volunteer teachers who have been educating up to 72 children.

sma simbuang
The high school they built

Pioneering Middle and High School
Time went by and the ministry had grown and started to show the fruits of their labor. After their success in establishing an elementary school, they didn’t stop there; they started a Middle and High School. Thus, this activity of developing the Simbuang generation caught the local government’s attention. They then gave support by providing a place for the school. There’s a new sight at Simbuang that had never been seen before ….children in uniforms going to school!

Junior High School
  desa simbuang
The Simbuang village lies between the hills and a large valley. isolated geographically
the people
laki-laki simbuang
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TORAJA: Father of Education for Simbuang


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