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>> Student Lodging

It was started with a ministry to Talang Mamak tribe, one of an unreached tribe in Riau area. PESAT’s education ministry to children at school age actually has then resulted an awareness of education among the Talang Mamak people.


    The Story Maker

Yosephine Efrina and The Student Lodging;
Helping Poor Children Reaching Their Dreams


Did you ever think of helping the education of poor children in villages? We probably have thought so..but physically going to remote villages, into their shacks, raising up their dreams, taking them to schools…must be a lot more complicated.


melisa di rumahnya


  But a group of young missionaries has started doing those things 7 years ago, and one child who has been served since graduated from primary school is now graduated from high school. “It was around in 2003 when my co-workers, Frids and Dwi, returned from their months of journey in exploring villages between Jambi and Pekanbaru. They brought back a young girl from a unreached tribe, her  name is Tuti, and said that she just graduated from a primary school abut couldn’t continue her school because her parents couldn’t afford it,” said Yosephine (50).

There are probably hundreds of villages scattered between the area of Jambi and Pekanbaru, and usually they have the same problem: education infrastructure in these areas are far from adequate. When the children graduate from primary school, they cant continue to the next level. Middle schools and High Schools are only exist in regency’s capitals that are located very far, and often there’s no public transportation available.

tuti   melisa   jelita

Helping the Poorest :
Some families can afford to send their children to get higher education but they have to rent a house in a city/town or have their children rent a room in a guesthouse. It just takes a lot of money whereas many families in these villages live under the poverty line. Farm labors who have no land of their own and sometimes not even have enough to eat. It is then a common thing that the children stop their education at the very low level, get married early. These children could never realize their potential could develop fully, their dreams buried together with the life burden they have to live on.

Yosephine dan anak-anak asuh di PBS  

Seeing this condition, we then set out to villages to look for the poorest ones we could help, and bring them to stay with us in a simple home with easy access for them to get higher education. The school expenses are covered and the children are also accommodate with spiritual and character building, and study coaching. This home is now called Student’s Education Lodging (PBS).

<< Yosphine among her students in the lodging


Providing Opportunity 
Following a recent PBS ‘graduate’ (who is now a university student majoring Community Development),  Tuti and Jelita, had passed their national high school exam and now continue their study to university too. Tuti is studying computer management, and Jelita taking English. Melisa is next, she’s in her final year in high school and she wants to be a teacher so that she can go back to her home village after earns her college degree, and build her village.

These children who come from poor families are students with academic achievements and made themselves to be the top of their class. They’re able to free themselves from ignorance because they have been given opportunity to maximize their potential, their talents, their interests.
  siswa binaan yang duduk di SMA



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translated in english by Johana Pratomo
TORAJA: Father of Education for Simbuang


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