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Your regular gift to our work all over the country will help us to plan effectively and faithfully support our workers.


East Kalimantan: A child supported by Future Center Program sitting with his mom in their home. Photograph by: Toni

You can give to specific areas of need outlined below or if you'd prefer, you can let us decide where your money should go by choosing the first option, the PESAT general fund.

Give to where it's most needed
Give regularly to where it’s most needed and help children like 16 year-old Melisa. Thank’s to you and the Student Lodging Program, Melisa and her peers  can continue their education to higher level.   support melisa
Water and Public Health
With your support, We help poor communities guard against disease and providing access to clean water and toilet facilities, raising hygiene and health awareness.   air bersih
Disaster Respons
With your giving, PESAT’s Relief Team “Serving Our Neighbors” can help those who are in emergency and help them to be prepared   aid on tsunami survivor in mentawai island
Community Development
With your donation, PESAT develops village community by empowering them economically through micro credit, business assistance and practical life skills. This economy development program aims to lift up the dignity of village people and increase family income.   koperasi

Your support is vital for us in helping thousands of people in Indonesia’s remote village who live in poverty with not enough food, inadequate water or sanitation. Millions are not receiving their right to basic healthcare and education, they even lack of power to fight injustice which is the root of poverty.


Give Now  
Your giving transforms the lives of the poor villages people. 

With your support, We are transforming lives for some of the village's poorest families. Help us to continue this vital work. Make a donation today.

To inform your gift,please call us at +62 21 45844284 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) or email us at acitra@cbn.net.id



Village Portrait and Our Commitment

Keluarga orang Lauje

The face of Indonesian villages is identical with poverty, diseases, undevelopment and static life. The majority of the poor people in Indonesia live in villages (63,5%). BPS (Indonesia’s Central Statistic Bureau) year 2004 stated that 80% of these poor people only have elementary education level or elementary school graduates.


It seems that there’s a correlation between the education level with poverty, surely many people in villages have lower education level than people in cities, thus education is one of the most important pillars in developing villages.

Limited job available and inappropriate infrastructure have also caused some villages become isolated and made these villages difficult to grow and develop. In the situation like this, PESAT therefore exist with a commitment to bring good news, declaring God’s love and lifting up the pride and dignity of the village people in Indonesia.



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